Nearly 4,000 in county still need to file for tax rebate - Yuma sun

The IRS has already issued 76.5 million rebate payments worth $63.8 billion based on 2007 tax returns already processed.
Yet there are still nearly 48 million eligible Americans who have not yet filed the paperwork necessary to receive one.

In Ohio, there are roughly 227,000 individuals eligible for a rebate check who have not yet filed, according to the IRS. reports that about 3,680 retirees and disabled veterans in Yuma County are still eligible to file for economic stimulus payments, according to the Internal Revenue Service. And, 2,799 of them are in Yuma alone.

But there's still time to file and it's fairly easy to do.

"The IRS wants to let Yuma residents know that they still have time to file a 2007 tax return in order to receive the stimulus payment and that these payments are still going out," said Bill Brunson, IRS spokesman.

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