Information on Property Tax Rebate - Nyc

According to New York City ($400) Rebate program, you will receive a rebate check in October if you received a rebate check in 2007 and they:

  • Have not moved
  • Have paid your property taxes incurred before 1/7/08 in full.

Eligibility for the 2008 Rebate According to Property Tax Rebate - Nyc:

  • Owners of Class 1 properties (one, two, and three-family houses) and Class 2 condominiums and cooperative apartments that are certified as the owners' primary residence are eligible for the 2008 rebate if they are the owners of record as of 1/9/08, and they are current on payment of any property taxes incurred before 1/7/08.
  • For homeowners who own only one property and live in it, this is your primary residence.
  • For homeowners who own more than one property, your primary residence is the one that you live in for the majority of the year, where you are registered to vote, and, generally, is the address listed on your driver's license.

More details:

New York State and City Property Tax Rebate Information

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